Virtual Contact Centers

Virtual contact centers are rapidly becoming a viable and robust alternative for companies seeking to diversify their contact center business process. Virtual contact centers mainly serve as an excellent cloud based solution to support contact center agents spread throughout different geographical locations. A virtual contact center essentially makes use of varied workforces and helps to match an appropriate agent with the respective service request based on reasons of contact and the mode of communication used.
eightrevolution offers interactive virtual contact center that helps customers enjoy personalized experience with our distributed team of highly trained agents. Our cloud-based virtual contact centers will empower your business to constantly deliver personalized and consistent experiences to all customers.

If you manage a business operation with high levels of daily volume and traffic from clients, being available throughout to serve all client inquiries is a non negotiable expectation. With our comprehensive virtual contact center , we can help you serve all your customer demands, 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. Our cloud-based virtual contact centers also allow you to migrate your business operations partially or totally to the cloud and remotely monitor them from any time zone and geographic location. Our dedicated sales, technical support and customer support teams are also available to serve all your inquiries and requests regarding our contact center operations, 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.
With our interactive cloud-based contact center , our agents work remotely from home and strategic contact center locations around the globe. Our bespoke virtual contact center allow you to leverage the unique skill, multilingual and geographic diversities of our virtual teams for any of your business processes. Our virtual contact center also facilitate seamless access, connection and co-ordination amongst all our team members. Essentially, distance and geographic proximity is never a barrier to effective teamwork and productivity.
Our virtual contact center are comprehensive enough for existing brick and mortar businesses to partially or fully transition to our cloud based . In extenuating circumstances such as sudden employee layoffs, operation shutdowns, bankruptcies or merely management sustainability, we can help facilitate rapid migration from your existing operations architecture to our virtual contact center . This will ensure your continued operations with minimal interruption to your business process should you ever need to make the switch.
Our dedicated virtual centers are also specially designed to enable you to gain tailored to whatever your business needs are. We also offer multichannel and omnichannel to meet whatever your business requirements are.
With our interactive virtual contact centers, the seamless SMS, live chat, support ticket, email, voice and social media integration facilitates easier attention and service to all customers’ problems in real-time regardless of the channel choice.

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