Armed via the agency of data-driven decision making, extensive familiarity with bilateral, multinational and regional specific treaties, regulations, protocols and cultural elements, we assist small, medium and large scale enterprises identify and partially/wholly migrate their business processes and/or operations to a neighbouring regional hub within several minutes to a few hours of flight from your main/local headquarters. Our nearshoring services are typically ideal for companies looking to maintain close business ties with a proximate regional location. We work in close consortium with all companies from mom-and-pop shops looking for minimal human resource to optimize their costs and scale their businesses to multinational conglomerates and Fortune 500 companies.
Corporate firms headquartered in Canada & the United States can expect robust nearshoring operations in hubs including the Dominican Republic, Panama, Mexico, Colombia, Belize, Jamaica & Costa Rica. Depending on the business process operations, pertaining regulations, profitability prospects in consideration & uniformity/similarity in operating under synchronized time zones, we take the driving seat in guiding all our clients to the best nearshore countries and cities to center their nearshore operations. All our clients can expect to save hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on the long term leveraging our bespoke human resource to nearshore their operations to a regional hub with equivalent time zones.


Shared culture

The key advantage of utilizing our nearshoring services is the synchronized time zones which enable us to handle all your client needs for campaigns and business processes that are very sensitive to time, spatial and cultural proximity. Since the working hours are closely similar, our team of experts and managers can continue to maintain close proximity with your parent company and/or head offices within the same time frame. We’ll be essentially maintaining communication via all available modes and updating you of your business processes in real time.
Our nearshoring operation centers are much more flexible in that we are open to whatever work time slot and shifts that best suit your business. After hours, holidays, 24/5 or 24/7 or 24/7/365, we’re ready and available to assist you as an extended and trusted nearshoring partner.


A shared work culture determines how companies interact and communicate with each other. Company philosophies, protocols, ideals, notions and methods of work that are interpreted incorrectly can disastrously affect your business. That is why proper communication methods and mutual understanding of your business venture is of the essence. We understand the value of good communication and we will stay in contact with your team 24/7 if necessary to keep closely update you on the process of your campaigns and nearshore operations.

Local legislation

Another reason why you should consider nearshoring your business operations is that we have a better understanding of pertinent local legislations and regulations. By nearshoring your business operations, we will keep you constantly updated on changing laws or legislations and help you understand how these new laws can impact your business and ultimately, the best operations hub(s) for all your forthcoming nearshore campaigns..

Cost reduction

Cost savings is one of the most compelling reasons why you should consider nearshoring your business operations. Therefore, partnering with eightrevolution is the best way to ensure the optimal amount of capital is used to accomplish all your project goals. Our team of nearshoring experts also guarantee reduced time-to-market implementation for many of your most novel business campaigns and projects.
We have highly skilled professionals who have experience in executing polished workflows to help you complete your projects consistently on time. With our tailor made , we will ensure your campaigns and projects are executed in a timely fashion and with the desired expectations. Our team of consultants will collaborate with your company to deliver on all your nearshoring objectives.

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