We also specialize in providing our clients data driven options in migrating their business processes and operations to a distant yet bustling hub with unfettered access to low cost human resource and materials to help grow and/or scale their business operations. Typically, multinational corporations with bigger budgets and a greater preference for technical support, customer service and operations support human resource elect to explore their options in outsourcing to offshoring hubs including the Philippines, India, China, South Africa, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Thailand. Comparable to our flagship nearshoring services, we provide data driving decision making guiding clients on their best options in terms of offshoring a portion or their entire business operations to some of these offshoring hubs.
The relatively low cost human labor, entrenched customer service & offshoring culture, lax employment regulations and tax free incentives inevitably provide offshoring as a very conducive and long term cost-effective solution for all corporate clients looking to reduce their cost expenditures and reach their corporate objectives.
Clients can expect a payroll reduction from a minimum of 20% to 75%+ offshoring their operations from their local headquarters/operations hub to an offshore base. The saved costs on more efficient business processes, relatively cheaper raw materials/equipment and the concomitant increase in profits are merely additional incentives. The short and long term cost advantages of offshoring present offshoring as a very attractive option for all our corporate clients.


Encourages business growth

As offshoring enables you to lower your operational costs by minimizing labor costs, you can plough back the cost savings into your more vital and core lines of business, enabling you to expand on your service and offerings and realize the business growth you truly deserve

Access to high quality talent

Offshoring gives you an unparalleled opportunity to access a vast pool of human agent and AI for a fraction of the price. With the pressure of finding employees with high skill sets in developed countries, implementing your business operations to complement our existing high skilled staff is not only productive but cost-effective in the long-run. We are experienced in a variety of knowledge-based business processes and will ensure your business benefits from our invaluable industry experience.

Greater availability

When working in a different time zone, you may need a reliable workforce that is in sync with all the dynamics of your business operations and available 24/7. We provide 24/7 support and live updates to our corporate clients to ensure we fulfil their ever changing needs. We value customer satisfaction and positive customer experience and hence we will work and strategize directly with your corporate office to maintain your competitive advantage.

Reduced risk

When you hire multiple teams spread over in different countries to oversee your business operations, you minimize your risk significantly and transfer it over to our offshore operations team. The minimized risk will empower your risk management teams to channel resources and focus towards other high risk ventures within your business.


Offshoring your business operations to our skilled personnel will not in any way make you relinquish control over your business. Offshoring enables you to complement your in-house time with our offshore operations teams. We only provide the much needed freedom you desire and will follow all your guidelines which in essence consolidates your control over your business.

Project continuity

Our highly skilled teams always ensure project continuity for our corporate clients. When a skilled professional leaves your in-house team, we will not hesitate or delay to provide a replacement immediately from our offshore teams. We also provide monitoring & performance dashboards and this helps to ease the process of onboarding whenever you are looking to add new members on your team in the future.

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