Outsourcing your telemarketing services is the best way to augment your current customer acquisition and retention strategies for sustainable business growth. At eightrevolution, we can equipped to meet all your in-house telemarketing requirements. We have experts in telemarketing that will increase your profits by efficiently closing sales via our specialized outbound/inbound telemarketing services.
By outsourcing your telemarketing services to eightrevolution, our experts will offer you insightful information about all the unfulfilled set of requirements, and the specific needs and level of satisfaction of your customers. In addition to this essential information, our experts will also provide your company with strategic techniques of addressing your customers everyday issues which will enhance your customer relationships in the long run.
Our different types of telemarketing services include lead generation, telemarketing sales, outbound research, inbound customer services and inbound sales.

General cold calling services

We have trained experts with the right expertise and skills to offer you effective cold calling services. More importantly, our dedicated team of experts will leverage the use of the latest cold calling technologies and tools to help clients get new clients and ultimately help to boost revenue. We will also teach you ways on how you can improve your communication skills to establish a long-term relationship with your clients.


B2B cold calling services

Our strategic and well-planned B2B cold calling services will help you to attract new clients within a short period of time. What’s more, we understand your target audience and our skilled professionals will ensure they deliver the best B2B cold calling services.

Real estate cold calling services

You need highly skilled and experienced personnel who can carry out well-thought out conversations with all potential prospects. Our team of experts will leverage the best tools and technologies and we will combine this invaluable information with data received from clients to maximize your sales.Additionally, we have the best cold calling experts and call center executives on our team who will cater to all your specific needs. Our team will also create follow up strategic scripts that will introduce your prospective clients to your services/products.

We understand your customer’s telemarketing requirements

Our team of telemarketing experts have the relevant experience in providing you with the best telemarketing services. When a client contacts us to request for inbound telemarketing services, our team of experts will first analyze your client’s requirements. After analyzing the requirements, our inbound telemarketing team will offer the client with the best telemarketing solution tailored to their needs.
We offer a wide range of inbound telemarketing services including inquiry services, insurance claims services, answering services, lead generation services, market research surveys, order taking services, cross-selling services and direct response services just to mention a few.

Outbound telemarketing services

Our dedicated team of experts provide outbound telemarketing services as well. We can expertly qualify leads and then build a database list and recommend other suitable marketing strategies. With our latest technology and software, we aim to offer clients with the best outbound telemarketing services.

Our expertise in outbound telemarketing services include primary research, cold canvassing, appointment setting services, service/product sales, telemarketing sales, market research programs, lead generation services, telemarketing lead generation and customer satisfaction surveys. In addition to providing both inbound and outbound telemarketing services, we provide quality list marketing services as well.

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