Corpshore Explorer

Corpshore Explorer™ is a beta-mode (pending official release) cloud based computing platform that enables all entrepreneurs, companies (small, medium & large scale enterprises) & organizations leverage around-the-clock human intelligence, artificial intelligence and human-AI interfaces situated globally to autonomously manage and coordinate imminent, subsequent and scheduled work tasks and projects pertaining to any work sector/industry. Courtesy of Corpshore Explorer’s unique metered pay-as-you-go model, greater emphasis is placed on using the requisite amount of resources thus eliminating excessive costs, fostering productivity and efficiency. Via Corpshore Explorer, you’ll be able to readily;

Assess, evaluate and appropriate/hire the most ideal, custom-tailored labor solutions worldwide incorporating cost considerations, favorable regulations & protocols, data privacy & security laws and overall optimum productivity/efficiency.

Ascertain predictive analytics on trends and insights pertaining to project and task dynamics worldwide based on spatial, temporal/chronological & geographic scales.

Autonomously create, assign & appropriate/hire the most ideal, custom tailored labour solutions worldwide courtesy of predictive analytics supported by potent machine learning algorithms.

Monitor in real-time task and project completion progress and provide directions where necessary & appropriate.

Evaluate autonomously generated performance and feedback reports on all completed tasks & projects.

View and assess analytics on other similar, competitive tasks & projects in similar locations worldwide.

Corpshore Explorer™

Is a certified, game changer & revolutionary interface within the outsourcing, cost minimization, trade liberalization and globalization spheres.

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