Maximizing your debt collection efforts is key to sustainable business growth. By prioritizing and segmenting accounts, you can easily implement better techniques to collect more debt. In the current economy where businesses are steadily making losses, businesses need to find expert collection services to go after delinquent debtors to raise the much needed cash.
Debt collection is highly instrumental to ensuring ample amount of liquidity (cash flow) and that you continue staying solvent. In fact, the main reason why most companies go under is due to lack of consistent cash flow. Therefore, if your business is up and running and everything is in order, cash flow management via collections is essential to facilitate business growth.

Avoid filing for bankruptcy

Recent studies done on emerging businesses and industries show that bad debt is the main cause for bankruptcy. In turbulent economic conditions, many vendors typically agree to sell on credit due to its numerous advantages including the ability to generate more business and widen the market share from literally “thin air”. Due to the volatile market conditions, businesses have experienced cash flow problems as a result of interest rate rises.
By employing our exceptional collection services, you can avoid filing for bankruptcy in case you have accumulated debt over the years. Courtesy of our debt collection services, both small and large scale enterprises can expect to achieve a healthier balance sheet and stronger cash flow reserves for both the short and long term.

Persistence & resilience equals more sales opportunities

Cold calling practices give you the chance to market your products or services on-demand at strategic times during the day. With more persistence and resilience, you will certainly enjoy more sales avenues & opportunities. At Corpshore Solutions, we believe that persistence is very key to acquire the best clients and if you want to increase your chances of meeting potential clients, cold calling is amongst the most cost-efficient ways of accomplishing that.

Legal protection

There are many reasons why most companies today opt for professional debt collection services. Our debt collection departments are versatile in all the laws and regulations that pertain to debt collection. They are also knowledgeable in federal laws and/or state that govern collection services. What’s more, procuring Corpshore’s professional debt collection services will help you recover unpaid debt and will eliminate all the legal risks involved.

Successful debt recovery

Our debt collection agencies have unmatched experience in debt collection and hiring top level professionals such as Corpshore to recover your debt will ultimately increase your chances of retrieving your delinquent funds. While our collection agencies focus on recovering your bad debts, you can focus on the core processes of your business. More importantly, our collection agencies deploy some of the best strategies and arcane methodologies to coerce delinquent debtors to comply with payment orders.

Flexibility & strategic deployment

Another thing you need to put in mind is that most collection agencies understand that businesses have their own unique needs and hence offer tailored strategies to fit varying business models. Hiring a proficient debt collection agency is the right move as you can expect a bespoke strategy deployed and specially designed to ensure your debt collection returns are maximized.

Proper documentation & record keeping

When professional collection agencies contact debtors, they record all interactions and communication comprehensively in accordance with all applicable data privacy laws & protocols. Therefore, if you want to proceed with legal action against the debtor, the collection agency will compile and provide sufficient evidence backed by our legal teams as a last resort in recovering your debt. We also help with the compilation of documentation on collected debts for taxation strategies.

Debtors pay faster

Research evidence typically shows that debtors often pay up faster and completely when you utilize a collection agency. Our debt collection companies normally offer services designed to accelerate the debt retrieval process and this will guarantee that you receive your money faster. The best thing is that when you hire the services of a collection agency, you no longer need to chase down your clients. This saves you energy and money so that you can focus on growing your business.

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