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Cold calling  is an effective telemarketing technique to obtain new clients. With cold calling services, you typically make calls to potential customers (prospects) without any prior communication or their foreknowledge. Put simply, the potential customer hasn’t had any initial contact with you in any way, shape or form. You are initially unknown to each other.

With the recent advent of stringent regulations in certain countries restricting cold calling without protocols and technology advancements, some professional telemarketers believe that cold calling generates less conversions and thus has become less effective. However, many other experts still believe that cold calling still has pivotal role in marketing and lead generation. Based on the countless success of various client cold calling campaigns and our thorough experience in the industry, we at Corpshore Solutions firmly believe cold calling (with the right applications) provides the following benefits;

Prime Opportunity for Sales Pipeline & Funnel Set-up

To set-up a series or chain of processes that ultimately results in closed mega sales, cold calling is a very effective, cost-efficient method for particularly nascent, growing and budget restricted companies. Cold calling enables you to create and develop a cascade of events which if sustained and well engineered, results in continuous and consistent, recurring revenue streams. Do not underestimate the importance of constructing formidable sales pipelines and funnels via cold calling

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Persistence & resilience equals more sales opportunities

Cold calling practices give you the chance to market your products or services on-demand at strategic times during the day. With more persistence and resilience, you will certainly enjoy more sales avenues & opportunities. At Corpshore Solutions, we believe that persistence is very key to acquire the best clients and if you want to increase your chances of meeting potential clients, cold calling is amongst the most cost-efficient ways of accomplishing that.

Economical and hassle free

All you typically require to perform a cold call is a phone system, call data targets, scheduling software and a CRM. Cold calling is a straightforward marketing technique that doesn’t require any significant equipment besides a phone, calling data and a recording tool. While you might be spending some money on other techniques to generate sales leads, this method is fairly cheaper than other marketing techniques. You only need sheer confidence to express sound knowledge about your service or product.

No inherent network support structure required

Most selling and marketing strategies often depend on a team of experts or personnel. But as far as cold calling methods are concerned, you don’t require a group or team to achieve the desired objectives. Although referrals can easily persuade a potential buyer, cold calling is an effective way to market your product or service and the best thing is that you don’t need a team to make the operation successful.

It’s an effective way of making fast sales or conversion

When done using the right technique, cold calling is a surefire way to seal the deal. While this is a surprise to new salesmen, cold calling is a practical way to interact with potential candidates that are interested in buying your service or product. If you want to earn quick money by spending less, then we recommend that you try cold calling.

It’s an effective way of making fast sales leads & conversions

When done using the right techniques and methodologies, cold calling is a surefire way to seal the deal. Simple as that. While this is a surprise to new sales personnel, cold calling is a practical way to interact with potential candidates that are interested in procuring your service or product. If you want to generate fast sales leads & conversions by relatively spending less, then we recommend that you try cold calling.

Expand your business beyond borders

Cold calling can help expand your business beyond borders. Courtesy of freemium and low cost calling apps and software systems, it is now much easier to make both local and international calls in your quest to find potential customers. If you are good at communicating your ideas eloquently, then you have the chance to reach more people in different geographies of varying cultures, demographics & personalities and this will ultimately help grow your business.

Get instant feedback

Another benefit that makes cold calling an effective marketing strategy is the fact that you can get instant feedback directly from your potential customer regardless of location or distance. With cold calling, you have the opportunity to optimize your serviced to fit the needs of your customers.

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