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Need assistance with calendar management? Well, we have extensive experience in providing calendar management services to clients worldwide in different market sectors. We have collaborated with businesses in different niches and industries. Regardless of industry or business model, our calendar management can help you save money, time, and hassle.

Therefore, outsourcing these important, but time consuming tasks will allow our clients to focus on the core areas of their business, promoting profitability and return on investment.

Outsource Reservations and Managing Appointments

Spending your precious time scheduling client reservations and appointments? Need assistance with confirmations? Our talented customer service professionals can help manage your guests and clients, and will assist to reserve a suitable time that meets all your client’s needs.

Re-prioritize your service calls

Are you almost depleting your resources? Will rescheduling compensate for running late? To enjoy the flexibility and convenience of prioritizing consultation and service calls, we can provide you with lasting via our bespoke calendar management services.

Prevent scheduling conflicts

Are your plans always changing? Or maybe you are constantly missing important meetings due to forgotten updates or scheduling conflicts. Let us manage your calendar to ensure you don’t miss out on important meetings. We will ensure you are always on time and assist in rescheduling if need be.

We value customer care and support

At eightrevolution, we provide quality standards as far as customer care is concerned. Our experienced and trained customer service agents will free your staff from mundane calendar management tasks such as reservation taking and appointment setting.

That way, they can focus on core objectives geared towards improving the quality of their business. Our reservation, scheduling, and calendar management can be easily customized to fit the unique needs of your business. We can manage and schedule business appointments, staff meetings, service calls, and consultations.

By outsourcing your calendar management needs to eightrevolution, we help in minimizing scheduling errors while promoting company productivity.

Avoid frustrations and overwhelming your staff with calendar management drudgery

When you allow us to manage your reservation and scheduling needs, your support staff will no longer be interrupted by confirmation and scheduling calls. Additionally, your front desk will be offloaded to help them commit to other essential tasks for continued growth of the company.

Our scheduling services prevent overbooking

Reservation and scheduling services also help to prevent overbooking, and ensure your clients get high quality customer service experience.

Provide more value to your team

When you allow us to assist in reservations and rescheduling tasks, your in house staff can deal with more important responsibilities, which will create more value for your team. Outsourcing calendar management is therefore key to adding value to your business for continued growth.

Outsourcing reservations and scheduling is cost effective

When reservations and scheduling are managed in-house, the operations costs are subject to variable increases. Regardless of the imbalance of sales volumes and expenses, the in-house staff responsible for reservations and scheduling will still draw a determinate salary. This money can affect the company’s profits especially during slow sales periods. That is why you should consider using our calendar management as it is an efficient, cost-effective way to manage reservations and schedules.

Our pricing depends on our clients’ usage and needs

Our calendar management have flexible pricing depending on the clients’ specific needs. Our variable pricing helps to keep the overhead low and our clients still enjoy the benefits of using professional reservation and scheduling services.

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