Omnichannel retailing usually combines online and physical commerce, which is commonly known as e-tailing. While this is an essential business process that aims to increase profitability, fostering higher customer loyalty rates has become harder than ever before. Recent studies now show that customer retention can increase business profits between 20%-65% yearly. The challenge, however, is that most buyers often switch brands after making a single purchase.
Additionally, it has become extremely challenging for businesses to compete in terms of quality or price as most consumers may inadvertently pay high prices on commodities without quality assurance. In fact, most customers tend to buy products or services for the simple convenience of higher quality buying experience. Given the challenge of improving consumer loyalty and attention, most businesses are now pursuing customer communication processes into a monolithic system as they struggle to make more sales.
The personalization and convenience of the buyer’s shopping experience can influence consumers purchasing power. Research further suggests that personalized interaction and follow up on purchases is important to improving customer loyalty. Like other strategies, the omnichannel approach is designed to appeal more to consumers by creating a personalized shopping experience where they can enjoy a sense of connection with your brands.

Increase consumer conversion

The omnichannel business strategy is designed to simplify, personalize, and connect the consumer with the product directly by encouraging a seamless conversation across all channels. Companies that utilize this strategy can achieve more than that just growing their customer service outreach. They enjoy better consumer conversion and retention and minimize their customer acquisition expenses.

Seamless service experience

Most consumers today tend to patronize retailers or companies that have reliable offline, online and even automated (chatbot) customer service. Implementing the omnichannel communication strategy in your business can help provide consumers with a seamless service experience. Essentially, omnichannel communication helps to unify your messaging with all potential customers across all communication channels.

Increase sales

50% of consumers are willing to spend money on businesses that have a better omnichannel service experience. Having an inbound point of contact can convert potential leads to sales. Our omnichannel service platform and customer communication will enhance the effectiveness of your omnichannel campaigns and minimize barriers to achieve desired customer conversion and sales.

Reduces communication inconsistency

Communication inconsistency always limits consumer loyalty and retention. In fact, 40% of consumers claim that inconsistent information is the main reason that prevents them from making purchases. Other customers complain about poor customer service when they are forced to explain their issues multiple times. Our omnichannel are seamlessly integrated and deployed to avoid the inconsistently and simultaneously deploying less integrated multichannel communication systems.

Personalized service experience

The use of omnichannel communication technologies will typically increase sales conversion rates significantly relative to using disparate multichannel platforms. Omnichannel service technology enables human-based consumer service conversion. With our improved AI-powered chatbots, we can ensure that your customers always receive the right responses that are informed by the right intentions and context.

Reduce operational costs

Utilizing our omnichannel systems can help reduce operating costs as well. By allowing your customer engagements to be managed by our AI-powered systems, your operating costs will reduce significantly. More importantly, incoming calls are easily filtered to ensure that simple requests can be handled by automation while complex issues are diverted to an available agent. This will help reduce operational costs in the long run, and will ultimately help to improve customer loyalty and retention.

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