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We offer reliable help desk services that combine technical and business support courtesy of our team of knowledgeable support staff. At the core of our help desk service portfolio, we offer live assistance to provide all customers with support 24/7. We guarantee that when your clients contact our helpdesk departments, they will always get an expert to assist you in a professional way. Let our help desk experts solve your problems so you can focus on improving your business.
It’s always vital to have a team of qualified consultants on your help desk campaigns so that they can assist clients that may have queries in real-time. However, not all help desk support teams are created equally as some offer omnichannel support while others only provide support in segmented areas such as email.

Dedicated live support

With our dedicated live help desk support, our team of experts will be able to identify the problem configuring client hardware and/or software systems if simple instructions from knowledge bases, FAQs bases and support articles have not solved the problem. Our help desk consultants at eightrevolution will help address all help desk support problems and will assist you to solve any inquiries your client may have.

Business management

Help desk support is important to maintaining business management, security and operations processes. At eightrevolution , we provide the best help desk support services and serve a wide range of technologies, industries and organizations. We are dedicated to provide exceptional customer experience, and our staff is skilled and focused to solve all your technical problems efficiently and quickly.

Economical and hassle free

All you typically require to perform a cold call is a phone system, call data targets, scheduling software and a CRM. Cold calling is a straightforward marketing technique that doesn’t require any significant equipment besides a phone, calling data and a recording tool. While you might be spending some money on other techniques to generate sales leads, this method is fairly cheaper than other marketing techniques. You only need sheer confidence to express sound knowledge about your service or product.

Immediate access to help desk support

We know and understand the value of having reliable access to help desk support. Our 24/7 help desk support simply means that your company, small or large can procure quality help desk assistance throughout the year. Anytime someone in your company needs any kind of technical assistance, our certified consultants are here to solve all your queries. Our technical support staff can help your company to solve IT issues as well.

Help desk support: Multi-layered resolution systems

Our technical support experts will solve your hardware and/or software configuration problems as if they were working right beside you. Our high tech support desk comes well-equipped with the latest technologies to address all your technological challenges as quickly as possible. We want you to get the best help desk support in real time, and having a slow process of resolution can limit your capacity to deal with IT based help desk issues.
We’ve also created a multi-layered resolution system within our help desk departments so if the first line help desk team members are unable to quickly resolve your inquiries, they are escalated to the next level of experts who are sure guaranteed to resolve your toughest challenges.

We will keep your IT processes always running

At eightrevolution solution, we always envisage providing your company with the fastest and most reliable comprehensive IT support. Thanks to our 24/7 help desk consultants, you can be rest assured that all your IT issues will be resolved without any issues. Our help desk will always ensure all your IT systems and processes are running securely, and that your businesses operations will be running seamlessly.

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