Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is essential for the growth of today’s business and will impact how companies consistently deliver value to consumers now and indefinitely. Digital transformation is a IT focused renaissance that empowers companies to charter new frontiers and experiment with emerging technologies aimed at transforming their operations. Numerous studies now show that organizations can only continue to remain vibrant in the competitive market by embracing digital transformation in all aspects of their operations.


Increased transparency

Our highly trained professionals will provide your in-house team with vital data analytics and real-time data which will help provide greater insights and visibility into your range of operations, particularly in the performance of assets and optimization of people management. Your sales teams, for instance, can benefit from our versatile customer relationship management (CRM) platforms that provides them with a sales roadmap for increased performance
By collaborating with our digital teams, you can actively brainstorm ideas on how to effectively accomplish all your projects. More importantly, our team of professionals will provide you with the right metrics to help your business move forward in the right direction.

Open communication

Access to open communication channels helps foster trust and makes the workplace less hierarchical. Therefore, working alongside our digital teams will help to improve teamwork and this is very essential in all your digital transformation initiatives. Within the context of digital transformation, to make your sales and marketing endeavors more effective, we leverage the use of tools and technologies to draw invaluable insights to help you reach your target audience. Our team will implement the use of effective strategies to help you keep an excellent track of customer data that is related to engagements, interactions, preferences and interests.
Furthermore, we shall analyze customer-related information based on previous customer interactions and this will help personalize their experiences. Research shows that approx. 70% of customers are more likely to purchase products from a business that accurately recognize their purchase history, understands their preferences and can use their purchase history to recommend relevant products or services. Our team of digital experts also have the necessary expertise to make this possible for your business.


As of 2020, the majority of companies and industry sectors are operating far less than their true digital transformation potential. Many companies are still yet to understand let alone fully grasp the essence of leveraging digital transformation to consistently remain competitive. Arguably, the greatest barrier to fully adopting digital transformation is the perceived cost frontiers that many companies believe they have to surmount.
eightrevolution reduces the barriers to entry for your company’s digital transformation endeavours. Relative to other providers, we provide the best value for money to suit your company’s budgetary allocations. Whatever the case, we’ll endeavour our best to ensure capital resources are the least of your challenges when it comes to adopting digital transformation.

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