Call (Contact) Center Outsourcing has evolved to become a very instrumental component for many corporate business processes. The competitive advantages offered by outsourcing call (contact) center operations has made it a crucial consideration for the global sourcing, strategic sourcing, vendor operations and strategy departments of the contemporary corporate firm.

Courtesy of our 24-hour call centers in the Dominican Republic, Philippines, Colombia and South Africa, we help maintain pertinent and often sensitive business processes for corporate firms in industries including banking, insurance, medical/health, marketing/advertising, telecommunications, computer software & hardware, legal, travel/tourism, mining, utilities and manufacturing. We maintain a robust architecture that optimizes the synergies between cutting edge technologies, methodologies and top-notch operations staff to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained throughout the duration of your company’s call center campaign(s).

You can be rest assured that courtesy of patronizing our bespoke, top-notch contact center services, your company will get;
  • The best value for investment compared to any other similar vendor on the market
  • The deployment of the latest cutting-edge technologies to elevate your company’s customer service experience
  • Active incorporation of performance methodologies and key performance indicators to ensure that the productivity and output of your contact center campaign(s) is/are constantly evaluated for improvements and optimizations
  • Exposure to highly qualified, well experienced industry personnel with a plethora of industry accolades, certifications and training experience
  • Exposure to multilingual staff well versed in languages including French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Mandarin, Arabic, Italian, Cantonese, Japanese and more.

Whatever the nature, specifications and resource intensity of your company’s call (contact) center processes, we’ll be incredibly thrilled to work with you as a trusted vendor-partner to help realize all your company’s strategic corporate vision courtesy of our operations processes. Do not hesitate to contact us now to begin your journey. We thoroughly envisage a viable and successful working relationship.

A Selection of Some of Our Most Pertinent Call (Contact) Center Campaign Portfolios
Banking/Financial Services:

Credit Card Collections, Security & Fraud Protection, General Inquiries & Customer Service, Dispute Resolution, Feedback & Performance Surveys, Promotions & Lead Generation


Medicare Claims (US), Collections, Life Insurance, Auto Insurance, Third Party Claims & Disputes, Home Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Miscellaneous Policy Updates, Umbrella Insurance, Long-Term Disability Insurance, Liability Insurance


Credit Card Collections, Security & Fraud Protection, General Inquiries & Customer Service, Dispute Resolution, Feedback & Performance Surveys, Promotions & Lead Generation


Flight Support & Updates, Miscellaneous Customer Support, Technical Support, Troubleshooting, Feedback & Performance Surveys, Promotions, Refund Claims

Transportation (Roadside Assistance & Trucking):

Dispatch for collisions/accidents & miscellaneous roadside incidents, lead generation & sales, routing & tracking, logistics management

Transportation (Ridesharing):

Customer Support & Inquiries, Technical Support, Billing, Account Signups and Subscription, Promotions & Lead Generation


Billing Support, Customer Inquiries & Support, Re, Collections, Technical Support, Troubleshooting


Telemedicine, Research Surveys, Laboratory Back Office, Triage, Membership Enrolment, Appointment Management, Claims, Referrals, Dental Offices, Logistics

Gambling & Entertainment:

Promotions, Customer Support, Events, Ticketing, Bookings

Internet & Ecommerce:

Subscriptions, Tracking & Shipping, Logistics, Billing & Order Processing, Software Sales, Lead Generation


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