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The notion of having an outsourced back office in your business might easily connote less feelings of internal transparency and the need to skirt stringent regulations onshore. Notions of data privacy, lax regulations, tax minimization strategies and labour law deviancy may naturally evoke. Nonetheless, these are merely misconceptions because an back office operations are incredibly integral to a company’s business sustainability and selecting the right outsourced back office operations provider is very vital to ensuring long term sustainability.
Historically, most businesses used to divide their offices in different sections: One section for employees that deal with the public/front line consumers, and another section for employees responsible for providing support functions but don’t necessarily need to interact with the public. Over time, the terminology ‘’back office’’ has now evolved to connote more specialized business functions which are run solely by human agents, autonomously by AI agents in the cloud or a consortium between both parties.
When we also talk about back office functions, one can also imply the operations management or administrative support that a business provides to staff of other companies and affiliated enterprises as a whole. Let’s take this scenario; for instance, a business that offers expensive, encrypted gadgets to employees for work purposes such as phones and computers will definitely need reliable, around the clock IT support for these devices. On the other hand, companies that may offer insurance services for these devices may need to minimize risk and maintain compliance.

Key back office operations management

All companies should decide the best way to manage their back-office tasks, and this can be achieved in multiple ways. For example, large companies might have the capability to have dedicated teams to work on accounting and have other teams work on auxiliary business functions.
But for smaller organizations, back office functions are managed by multitasked employees who have their own core responsibilities within the company. Moreover, when the staff count is not adequate, managers or even executives are often left to include back office functions in their core work functions which can be very strenuous and time-consuming.
By multitasking with various business functions, business owners may not be able to manage all the tasks that deal with back-office processes. As a result, this hinders proactive forecasting and planning with proper financial strategies that could lead to sustainable business growth. This is where eightrevolution comes in handy – helping manage your back-office operations for the continued success of your business.

Seamless financial back office process management

Many businesses today fail because of poor cash flow monitoring and management processes. When you fail to create autonomous automated systems to manage bills, collections on invoices, or monitoring your cash flow in real time, your business operations could easily grind to a halt. Let us manage your company’s pertinent financial back office processes including accounting and finance so that you can focus on growing your business the best way possible.

Back office truly matters

Back offices are unequivocally an essential part of any business. Our team of experts will help you in managing taxes, collecting invoices, paying bills,payroll management and tracking expenses. We will ensure all your financial back office operations management are made a top priority. By handling your company’s back office functions, we will actively foster compliance with all data privacy laws and financial regulations.

Be proactive

Our back office automation systems will help manage all the essential business processes so that you can stay ahead of the curve and be proactive. By handling all your pertinent back office processes, you can remain proactive in making the necessary improvements and evaluations for business growth. This will give you more saved time and resources to invest in other more vital business processes

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