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Achieving sustainable business growth in the ever changing marketplace is no easy feat. Nonetheless, outsourcing professional appointment services is an effective strategy for companies to gain business growth and consolidate market share.

We offer topnotch appointment setting services to engage with potential prospects and help them evaluate their needs by providing them with information of some of your product/service features, pricing and usability. eightrevolution works sequentially towards moving you closer to a closed sale by engaging only with prospective clients who can be transmuted to warm/hot leads.

We have experts who are proficient in appointment setting and will handle all your pre-sales and sales appointments professionally. We offer you a team of dedicated professionals to guide you through best sales promotion practices.

Outsourcing your appointment setting services to eightrevolution will save resources and time spent on your in-house staff and you can thus strategically focus on more important processes.

Keep track of your schedule

Our appointment setting services will seamlessly sync with your calendar systems to keep track of your new appointments and bookings. By keeping your schedule on track, we ensure that our professional appointment setters have all the information they need before they reach out to prospective clients.

Helps to manage your clients

With our professional appointment setting services, we can keep excellent track of your new clients’ upcoming bookings. Additionally, we will send you continuous automatic professional invoices, notifications and email reminders regarding appointments if required.

Stay updated 24/7

Our team that deals with appointment setting services will let you know when a new prospect sends you a message, makes a booking, or visits your website. That way, you have the chance to respond to special requests when you receive updates.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Helps in focused sales and lead generation

Our appointment setting services also offer our clients a useful channel to promote focused sales and lead generation. More importantly, our experience of market practices and trends will offer you a competitive edge over other players in the marketplace. We have the expertise and knowledge to help you generate quality leads that can readily be converted into sales.

Consultative approach when dealing with clients’ needs

We often use a consultative approach when dealing with customers to understand their need for a particular service or product instead of aggressively recommending what they don’t really need.

Our personnel are skilled in sales

We take all appointment setting service campaigns very seriously and fully accord them with all the professionalism they deserve. Our appointment setting team has a seasoned track record and industry experience when it comes to appointment booking. Our experts are articulate and can converse intelligently with prospective clients on the usability and technical aspects of all the services and products you require.

Digital tracking and recording of appointments

At eightrevolution , we utilize high-end appointment tracking and recording systems that will ensure all your prospects are accounted for. You can thus access leads and appointments from our team of experts on-demand.

We help you meet the right clientele

Outsourcing your appointment setting services with us will help you acquire the right clients much faster relative to other vendors in the market. By partnering with our team of experts, you improve your chances of sealing a deal with a prospective client. In addition to connecting you with clients who matter, we also offer lead generation services, call center services, telemarketing services and lead generation services that help to put some of the most profitable prospects in your deal flow.

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