Running a successful business requires ensuring  the overhead expenses are optimized consistently. Most businesses however have not yet implemented all the necessary web-based technologies needed to optimize costs and sustain operations around the clock. One such effective technology that is currently gaining traction amongst most web-based, e-commerce businesses is chatbots. Essentially, a chatbot can be described as a programmed computer channel that interacts with humans via web and mobile based interfaces

Their seamless simulation of human behavior and language offer several benefits that will come in handy in your quest to move a portion or the entirely of your business operations nearshore/offshore. By implementing the use of chatbots on behalf of various corporate clients, Corpshore Solutions has been at the forefront of spearheading the integration of chatbots into many web and mobile focused business interfaces with notable benefits including;

Time Saved

One key reason why many businesses today are using chatbots is their ability to save work time spent by human agents. When you successfully install and configure them on your website, you can be certain that they provide instant, automated answers from customers who may queries that do not require detailed human agent interaction. That allows you to serve more requests from potential customers while decreasing costs and increasing productivity.

Save money


Deploying chatbots inevitably becomes cheaper than increasing the number of human customer agents running your company’s customer support live chats. The cost of deploying a bespoke, highly optimized chatbot may or may not have some initial startup expenses. While that cost may seem somewhat steep, you will enjoy cost savings over the long haul after it has been deployed. Economies of scale in real action as your user traffic explodes, sales skyrocket and customer interaction & queries increase.

With an in-built chatbot that works 24/7, you no longer have to consider stringent labour laws, vacation time or sick days. With a chatbot, you don’t need to contribute any 401k payments either. What’s more, when well programmed, it less likely goes out of service and that means you don’t need to worry about extra expenses typically accorded to human agents

Increase your customer base

Chatbot use can also help increase your customer base as well. They can help you interact with more potential customers and eventually grow your customer base. Several of the e-commerce focused companies we work with prefer to deploy our bespoke chatbots in most of our applications to help their  businesses grow. The use of chatbots is also expedient as it can provide answers to multiple queries simultaneously.

Promote accuracy

Unfortunately, your customer service personnel are prone to make errors at any point in time. They can make simple mistakes such as altering numbers, grammatical errors, including extraneous or omitting key information. But with well programmed chatbots, it’s a guarantee that you will receive accurate and contextual answers for the most part. For that reason, we find chatbots an essential asset for many web and mobile based businesses.

They can be humorous

Another reason you should consider adding chatbots in your business is that they help incorporate humor in the course of order inquiries and queries. Chatbots will never turn away potential customers with a hostile response or attitude. And since they can easily be programmed to express some form of humor intermittently, they help promote customer satisfaction and hence increase engagement and boosted sales.

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